How It Works

When you’re considering teeth whitening at home, you want confidence that the product you choose is safe, effective, and can reveal your most vibrant smile. Here, you can learn why ARC is one of the best at-home teeth whitening system on the market and learn how to whiten your teeth for maximum impact. We know how important your smile is to you, and we’re here to empower you with the knowledge that ARC can help reveal your contagiously bright spirit.
How Does Teeth Whitening Work with ARC?
At ARC, we use peroxide-infused gel to whiten your teeth. Peroxide is proven safe for your enamel and effective at brightening your smile, which is why it’s the exact same ingredient that dentists use.
With our ARC Treatment Strips, we keep the peroxide-infused gel in constant contact with your teeth for maximum efficiency. That’s why each treatment takes just 30 minutes, so you don’t have to slow down your life to brighten it.
Hydrogen Peroxide = Water + Oxygen
2H202 = 2H20 + 02
How does the ARC system whiten?
Over time, your teeth can begin to discolor and yellow as stains accumulate at the enamel’s surface. But it’s easy to spark it back up with peroxide. Peroxide occurs naturally in your body and is present in many biological processes, which is why your body has natural enzymes that help break it down.
As the peroxide breaks down, it releases activated oxygen which attacks the stains.
Stains at enamel’s surface
Activated oxygen from peroxide breaks down stains
Broken-down stains get carried away from enamel
What’s left? Water, oxygen & whiter teeth!
How does Blue Light teeth whitening work?
The Blue Light works by targeting yellow tooth stains. Blue Light wavelengths are specifically absorbed by yellow, and as the yellow stains absorb the Blue Light energy, they begin to weaken and lose their color. The stains then become more reactive to the whitening action of peroxide, removing the stains more quickly and easily than whitening strips alone.
Blue Light targets yellow stains.
Yellow tooth stains with double bonds.
Blue Light breaks double bond stains into single bonds.
The ARC Difference
We’ve crafted ARC to bring you a million moments of unbreakable confidence. We have spent hundreds of hours on research and testing to ensure our ARC teeth whitening system safely and quickly whitens teeth. You are extraordinary, so you deserve a teeth whitening system that goes well beyond the ordinary. Are you ready to get started?
Teeth Whitening: Facts & Myths
Your smile is an essential part of you, which is why we want to make sure it shines - safely. Your smile is a special part of you that’s to be respected and protected. If you have questions about teeth whitening, we're here to reveal the safety and effectiveness of our products.
Myth: Peroxide Strips Your Enamel
Myth #1
Peroxide strips your enamel
Fact: Every smile tells a story, and with ARC, you can trust that your story’s a good one. At ARC, we have extensive laboratory and clinical data showing that our products are safe and will not strip tooth enamel. We only use safe and effective whitening ingredients so you can trust that your teeth will keep on shining for decades to come.
Peroxide gives you a brilliant smile by working at the enamel’s surface to remove stains. The no-slip grip on our whitening strips keeps the whitening power of peroxide just where you need it to take your smile from dull to electric.
Myth: Blue Light is harmful to teeth
Myth #2
The Blue Light is harmful to teeth
Fact: Our Blue Light contains LED lights, like the ones in light bulbs and other electronics. However, our scientists have designed our Blue Light to stay within a specific range of wavelengths in the visible spectrum. This special blue wavelength specifically targets the yellow of stains to help harmlessly break them down.
While the wavelengths of infrared and UV lights can be dangerous, the type of light in the ARC Blue light is safe and effective. So, feel confident stepping into the light.
At ARC, we know you want to take care of your teeth so your smile stays vibrant. Let’s keep those bright smiles and good times rolling with a system designed for safety, efficiency, and efficacy. Let’s start with ARC.