Our Story

We believe every smile tells a story. And that story should have a brilliant beginning, middle and end —an ARC if you will. This is our story.

We founded ARC after seeing company after company releasing products with unproven whitening ingredients. Lavender? Pomegranate seed? Lemon? While all of these ingredients might smell or taste good, we felt that consumers were being misled.

We also observed a growing trend of home-created remedies in whitening. People mix products like lemon juice or baking soda and then apply the mixture to their teeth. These ingredients may be damaging and may not be evaluated to be safe for use.

We wanted to provide a safe and effective alternative, so we built a brand that stands for confidence and reliability. With ARC, you can be confident not just in your smile, but in the products we’ve developed to help you whiten it. ARC products do not contain any unproven teeth whitening ingredients.

  • We utilize known and proven methods of teeth whitening with no extraneous ingredients, just the ones that dental professionals trust and use themselves for teeth whitening.
  • We launched with whitening strips as the way to deliver the peroxide because our strips don’t slip, aren’t messy, and are easy to use.
  • We paired those whitening strips with an LED Blue Light that works. We’ve designed the ARC Light to emit blue light at a specific wavelength that targets stains to weaken their chemical bonds. When you use the light for the last five minutes of your treatments, it makes the treatment even more effective than with just strips alone. And better yet, the Light works for up to 28 treatments to keep your smile continuously white.
  • We are safe and proven to whiten below the enamel surface.Whitening toothpaste and even toothbrushes can claim that they whiten teeth…but only because they remove surface stains. The peroxide in ARC products goes safely below the enamel surface to whiten the yellow stains unreachable by brushing alone.

So, that’s our story. We’re built on the belief that you deserve a smile that empowers you with unbreakable confidence. That starts with having confidence in a teeth-whitening system that really works. Start with ARC today. Leave behind the dull and dreary for the vibrant and electric. It’s your smile. It’s your story. Make it memorable!

What Story Will Your Smile Tell?